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Notice : We have noticed that online recruitment applications on behalf of Abu Dhabi Oil field Services (ADOS) is spreading over the internet. This is a scam and should be ignored.
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IRM is the only company in world offering the entire range offshore products required for launching and protecting offshore oil exploration platforms. A major achievement in this area is absolute customer confidence due to our record of zero failure. A robust design with matching safety considerations makes IRM products the final word in reliability.

IRM manufactures a wide range of products like diaphragm closures, grout seal/packers, pile closures, pile grippers and leg matting units for float over up to 144 inch pile diameters for offshore platform launching and jacket leg rub-strips, boat landing rub-strips, shear fenders, shock cells, cushion fenders, and complete barge bumpers for offshore platform protection.

IRM’s offshore rubber products are being used across the world by Fortune 500 companies like Shell, Total Fina, Technip, J. Ray McDermott, NPCC, Nippon Steel, HHI, Sime Sembcorp, ONGC, Cairn Energy, Qatar Petroleum, Saudi ARAMCO, EIL, L & T and MDL to name a few.

IRM has developed various cost-effective and reliable products for the offshore industry like the Non-Inflatable Grout Seal which has rendered the use of inflatable grout packers with inherently risky inflation lines and other equipments obsolete. IRM has developed special compression fenders which transmit lesser load to the structure and shock pads for loading and transportation of platform decks.

Offshore Products:

  • Shear Fenders
  • Shock Cells
  • Shear Fenders
  • Boat Landing Fenders
  • Leg Matting Units
  • Barge Bumper Assembly
  • Pile Closures / Grippers
  • Grout Seals
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Shear Cushions
  • Shock Pads
  • Jacket Leg Rub Strips
  • Packers
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