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Mechanical Seals Our range of mechanical seals is the widest available in today’s market. Combining advanced, thoroughly proven technologies with extensive industry experience has created products characterized by innovative design concepts and outstanding manufacturing quality. We offer a proven and effective solution for virtually any application that will deliver unrivalled performance, reduced installation times and lower maintenance costs. The range of seals available includes vessel and agitator seals for pharmaceutical applications, heavy-duty slurry seals, high performance low emission petroleum seals and a variety of elastomeric, formed and metal bellows seals suited to numerous applications.

Power Transmission Couplings With a long track record of success, our Meta stream power transmission couplings are now the automatic choice for many leading companies. High-speed applications are well served by their high torsional rigidity and natural balance, and each one incorporates spacer retention anti-fly features that enhance performance and reliability. An all-metal construction eliminates the need for lubrication and constant development activities ensure that our Meta stream couplings satisfy ever-changing demands while still allowing customers to comply with industry specifications.

Gas Seals Service, technology and knowledge that our customers can rely on. Our gas seals reflect a detailed understanding of the many applications in which they are used, the result of over 40 years of gas sealing experience. This makes them ideal for an extremely wide variety of sectors where they are now recognized as the industry standard solution. Suitable for use with virtually any type of gas, they are sufficiently versatile to handles various pressures, temperatures and speeds.

  • Mechanical Seals and sealing support systems
  • Gas Seals
  • Engineered Bearings
  • Filters and Power transmission couplings
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