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1. Sundyne Integrally Geared Pumps (OH6) – Centrifugal API610 10th edition OH6 and ISO 13709 Pumps


Sundyne API-610, OH6 Pumps are centrifugal, overhung, close-coupled, high-speed integrally geared type pumps ideal for critical heavy-duty process applications. The impeller is mounted directly to the gearbox output shaft. There is no coupling between the gearbox and pump; however, the gearbox is flexibly coupled to its driver. The pumps may be oriented vertical or horizontally.

Models & Range
LMV 322 – 8-42m3/hr, head – 22-641m
LMV 311 – 8-73m3/hr, head – 22-1348m
LMV 313 - 8-181m3/hr, head – 22-437m
LMV/BMP – up to 227 m3/hr, head up to 1921m
Feed, Overhead, Reflux – Refinery
Loading Feedstock
Chemical Production
Feedstock for Polypropylene Manufacturing
Wash water, condensate, waxy oil for refining
High pressure pumps for RO Plants

2. Sunflo (Non-API, integrally Geared Pumps)

The Sunflo High-Pressure Pump product line harnesses our high-head, low-flow technology and experience for use in General Industry applications. Used by OEMs and end users alike, Sunflo pumps are in service around the world typically in Boiler Feed, Reverse Osmosis, NOx Suppression, Washdown, Injection, Seal Flush, and Condensate Return applications. With a very low foot print, these units are available in close-coupled, frame-mount, or base plate configurations.

Flow Range: 33gpm (7.5m3/hr) – 500gpm (114m3/hr)
Head: 1300ft (396m) – 4200ft (1280m)
Boiler feed for power generation
NOx suppression
Washdown for food production
Clean for beverage manufacturing
Pulp and paper manufacturing
Desalination/RO plants





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