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Sundyne specializes in the design and manufacture of centrifugal integrally geared low-flow high head and multi-stage ISO 13709/API-610 standard pumps, and sealless magnetic drive pumps that meet API-685 and ANSI standards. They are built to handle hydrocarbons at extremely high pressures and temperatures, which will burn or explode if they are inadvertently released. These pumps are designed and manufactured with thick casing, robust seal designs, bearings, shafts and gears designed to run for more than 5 years without overhaul or repair. Sealless magnetic drive pumps are designed to completely prevent leaks of volatile chemicals in both ETFE lined and metallic models. Sundyne standard sealless pumps keep your personnel, facilities and the environment safe.

Sundyne centrifugal API/ISO and Sealless pumps have applications in industries ranging from refineries, oil and gas production, petro-chemical plants, chemical production, pipelines, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, manufacturing and engineered water. Thousands of Sundyne pumps are in use around the world processing caustics, sulfuric acid, hydrocracking, waxy oil, condesate, coking, transfer, boiler plant, ethanol, biodiesel, distillation, regeneration, alkylation, sulfur removal, sour water, alkylation, aromatics, cuastics, reforming, hydrotreating, LNG, desalination, reverse osmosis, amine, sour water, fuel boost, flasre gas scrubbing, ethylene, propylene, heat transfer, cryogenic, liquefied gases, reactor feed, propane transfer, chemical injection, wastewater, pollution control and hundreds of other tough applications. Sundyne engineers robust pumps that meet exacting standards and stand up to tough environments to meet your application needs.


For over 50 years, Sundyne centrifugal integrally geared compressors have been commissioned in a multitude of process applications in the gas, oil and chemical industries. Whether your workflow requires a high-pressure compressor for flash gas, gas recycling or any number of other specialized applications, Sundyne products deliver the reliability and uptime assurance that our customers demand. Sundyne low-flow, high-speed compressors provide pulsation and oil free flow in a compact design whose integrally geared configuration delivers clear operational advantages over traditional reciprocating and screw type designs. Plus, Sundyne compressors are built to API-617 / 614 ratings, meaning that our products are engineered to last and require minimal maintenance running for 7 years without an overhaul.



  • Sundyne Pumps to API 610
  • SUNFLO high pressure pumps, for process water injection and RO desalination plants
  • Sundyne Centrifugal Compressors for Gas / Vapour /Air applications
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