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Olympus technology has made it possible to observe a concealed site easily and accurately, without destroying or disturbing its exterior. Olympus delivers increased potential with our comprehensive collection of industrial endoscopes. This unrivaled lineup comprises of videoscopes, fiberscopes, rigid borescopes, mini borescopes, and a variety of ancillary equipment to match your specific requirements. These scopes all offer superior observation capabilities achieved by combining expertise in optics, precision engineering, and electronics gained through years of experience as the world’s leader in medical endoscopes. Take into account the ease of use and durability, and it is clear that Olympus industrial endoscopes are ideal for quality control and maintenance, automatic inspection, R&D, and so much more to help you improve productivity, safety, and reliability.

Sample uses according to industries

Aviation Industries
For air frame examinations, inspection of turbine blades and combustion chambers, and research, development and production of rockets engines.

Power Generation
For maintenance of heat exchanger pipes, consideres, piping, and turbines at nuclear, fossil fuel, and hydro electronic power generation facilities.

Oli/Gas/Chemical plants
For routine and urgent inspection of process piping, pressurised storage reservoirs, heat exchangers, boilers etc..

For quality control examination of engines, hydraulic components, injection nozzles, as well as final inspection of assemblies.

For maintenance aircraft, as well as for detection of narcotics and other contraband items, and for locating those who may be trapped as the result of various disasters.

For examination of wall, dects, structural joints, as well as for viewing inside architectural models.

Electrical Equipment/ Electronics Industries
For monitoring operation of equipment and factory automation through automatic inspection and positioning, as well as R&D application.

For monitoring and inspects, root systems of plants, etc. also for historical and archaeological applications such as internal inspection of statues and tombs.

Remote Visual Inspection: Industrial Endoscopy

  • Borescopes
  • Videoscopes
  • Fiberscopes




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