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Groth Corporation's  Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Vacuum Relief Valves, Pilot Operated Valves, Flame and Detonation Arresters, Emergency Relief Valves, Waste Gas Burners, Pressure Regulators and more have been protecting refineries, chemical processing plants and facilities with atmospheric, fixed-roof storage tanks for more than 50 years.

 Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Vacuum Relief Valves and other pressure relief devices are important emission control devices. Relief valves protect against damage from pressure or vacuum and reduce losses from product evaporation.  They are an important step in protecting the environment from harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound). Flame and detonation arresters reduce the risk of damage or injury from fire.

Groth Corporation is committed to providing innovative solutions, quality products and comprehensive service to improve the safety of your plant. Our products provide cost savings by reducing media loss and help to protect the environment for the next generation.

We provide innovative solutions and specialize in protection equipment. Understanding this equipment and how it should be applied will ensure proper protection from any number of potential hazards. Protection from rupturing or imploding and protection from fire hazards are the major considerations. The environmental and conservation features provided by these products comply with current air quality and safety criteria.



  • Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Pilot Operated Relief Valves
  • Emergency Relief Valves
  • Flame & Detonation Arresters
  • Flame Trap Assemblies
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