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Fully Automated Vehicle Washing System

Ryko has a long history of innovation, starting with being the first car wash manufacturer to develop coin- and credit card-activated car wash machines.  So it’s no wonder our proprietary technology is second to none. In our more than three decades of leading the industry, we have produced some of the most advanced car wash systems on the market, from our novel high impact, touch free wash to our revolutionary Clean Touch technology. Ryko engineers make every product with durability, safety and reliability in mind.  We believe in delivering premium products at sensible prices, enabling you to boost your return on investment and reduce car wash equipment downtime.

Our superior car wash equipment is designed with durability, quality and safety in mind. Ryko is the industry leader in pioneering innovations that prevent damage to cars during the wash cycle, including our FoamBrite brushes, top brush interrupt technology and emergency rinses.

Ryko has grown into the largest manufacturer of rollover vehicle wash systems in the nation, and its product lines include Clean Touch and touch less rollovers, drive-through, conveyors, vacuums, dryers, self-service systems, and a wide range of accessories.  The company’s products are marketed not only domestically, but also in many other countries throughout the world.  Ryko has truly become an industry leader on a global scale.

Ryko’s exclusively-formulated line of car wash chemicals keeps profit margins high and customers coming back again and again. All of our car wash solutions are designed, mixed and packaged at Ryko headquarters to ensure consistent results and satisfaction in use with all vehicle wash systems.

The higher concentration of many of our car wash chemicals allows lower usage and cost per wash, while the high foaming and various scents are attractive to customers. Ryko’s chemical line, which includes detergents, surface treatments, presoaks, self serve and special purpose, provides long-lasting protection and enhances any car wash experience.

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