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Jordan Technologies designs, manufactures and has actively serviced vapor recovery units (VRUs) since 1980. Jordan Technologies' units recover a variety of VOCs in truck, rail, marine and tank breathing applications as well as crude, ethanol, and natural gases. As the largest service company for VRUs in the world market, Jordan provides service to the majority of the world’s operational VRUs, including other manufacturer's equipment.

Jordan Technologies has developed several patented energy saving and recovered product measurement devices that can be applied to all manufacturer’s units. These innovations lend functional solutions to problems we've found in typical systems. Our power saving devices have been installed and are operational in the field, have shown excellent results, and allow for substantial power savings on existing VRU equipment.

We make our PLC control package more user-friendly and equip our systems with advanced computer technology designed to limit your downtime.

Our experience has confirmed that the most efficient and reliable VRUs are carbon bed units. Other types of units: refrigeration, membrane and lean oil units have not proved as reliable, nor provided the pay back in recovered product that customers demand. The Jordan carbon bed VRU recovers greater than 99% of VOCs generated during product loading providing an attractive pay back on capital invested.

Whether you have been a longstanding customer or are using our services for the first time, Jordan Technologies will give your job 110%. Jordan’s energy goes toward making the most of yours.

  • Vapor Recovery and Vapor Combustion Unit Manufacturing
  • Service Station Vapor Recovery Unit
  • Vapor Recovery Unit and Vapor Combustion Unit Service and Testing
  • Air Filtration Products and Services
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